8.2.3 Advanced Random Placing

This algorithm implements an improved random allocation. Unlike the usual random algorithm, this one has no infinite runtime. It also provides a couple of options that help make the bilayer densely packed:

Overall Density of Lipids

Use this slider in order to adjust the lipid density the membrane should have. The higher the value, the more time it will take.

A membrane with low and one with higher density settings

Random rotation

Here you can choose the type of random rotations applied to the lipids

Tolerance for Random Tilts

Sets the maximum angle (in degrees) that the lipids can be tilted to randomly on their X- and Z-Axis

Tolerance for Random Vertical Shifts

Sets the maximum distance (in angstrom) that the lipids can be randomly shifted upwards on their Y-Axis

A membrane with low settings on both, random tilts and shifts

A membrane with a higher setting on random tilts

A membrane with higher settings on random shifts