Mediengestaltung is a study which is offered as a cooperation between the University of Bielefeld and the Fachhochschule Gestaltung Bielefeld. It has been one of the first bachelor studies and was initialized in the year 2000.

Right from the beginning, the concept of the study has been a mixture of informatic and design. (A part of this intention is of course also a part of the CELLmicrocosmos project.) The students have to handle a lot of math and informatic courses as well as typographic, design and photo courses. Today it is in fashion for universities to offer interdisciplinary studies, Mediengestaltung has been one of the first.

In 2005 the name and some details of the study has been changed, but the intention stays the same: It is now called Medieninformatik und Gestaltung. During the last years, the amount of the bachelor thesis has been reduced. In 2004, when the CELLmicrocosmos project has been finished, it often has been ca. 3/4 of a diploma, today it is often only a small project like the creation of a website or a corporate identity. In addtion the study now lasts only 6 semesters, while the old one lasted 7. This is a concession to the compatibility to the amount of other bachelor studies and to increase the importance of a more science-oriented master study.

If you want to find out more about the Medieninformatik und Gestaltung study and its wide spectrum of courses, please visit the site of the University of Bielefeld.

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