IB Workshop: Bio Visualization with Blender and MembraneEditor

At the Integrative Bioinformatics Symposium in Odense (22.-23.06.2017) in Odense


Mehmood Ghaffar and Björn Sommer will present a Blender/MembraneEditor workshop. Here is the introductory text:

The visualization of cells as well as their internal membranes are becoming an established field in the scientific community as many processes which cannot be captured by actual microscopy and spectroscopy techniques can be communicated by 3D modelling and animation.

Whereas at the mesoscopic level cells and their components can be visualized with Blender, at the molecular level, protein complexes or whole membrane structures can be easily modelled with the CELLmicrocosmos MembraneEditor. Often, the last-mentioned step is used for creating initial configurations for molecular simulations.

In the context of the Integrative Bioinformatics conference 2017 we are conducting two hands-on workshops for attendees who would like to learn how to visualize biomolecular processes with Blender and/or the MembraneEditor:

  • Workshop I: Hands-on Introduction
  • Workshop II: Web-based Bio Visualization and Virtual Reality with Blender


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