BDVA 2018 Workshop on Immersive Molecular Modelling Workshop - ImmMolMod

In the context of the BDVA 2018 conference which we are organizing at the University of Konstanz (17.-19.10.2018) we will present a workshop on Immersive Molecular Modelling (ImmMolMod, nice abbreviation, right? ;-) . 

In contrast to many other biochemical research areas where the applicability of immersive visualization and analysis still has to be proven, molecular data profits from spatial visualization since many years.

In this workshop, a number of tools will be presented which fall into the area of molecular modelling, docking and simulation.

This workshop is intended as a  kind of hands-on extension of the MolVA workshop organized at the EUROVIS 2018 conference in Brno together with Jan Byška and Michael Krone:

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