Design X Bioinformatics

09.09.2022 London/Paris/Fukuoka, 1-5 pm (UK time)

With this initiative, we are intending to bring together Bioinformaticians from various fields, and designers, design researchers, as well as medical and scientific illustrators to discuss future challenges in the context of Bioinformatics and Design. Being an area which often combines abstract and spatial data, and often taking standardisation approaches into account, Bioinformatics provides a number of opportunities for future designers. In addition, we want to contextualise Design X Bioinformatics towards the newly emerging field of BioDesign, which uses the biological affordances of organisms to address some user needs, e.g. in terms of material development, applications of synthetic biology, or the creation of bio-digital hybrid systems.

This workshop will take place hybrid: at London and Paris, in-person events will be planned!

Bioinformatics is an area which is applying computer science-related approaches to biological data analysis. It is widely known for providing genomics-based analytical approaches which were supporting, e.g., the 1000 Genomes Project. But it also relates to many other fields, such as analysis of microscopic images (e.g. organelle location), molecular modelling (e.g. proteins, biological membranes), or biological network visualisation (e.g. protein-protein interaction networks, metabolism).

Design is a highly interdisciplinary field integrating aspects, such as aesthetic, economic, functional, philosophical and/or socio-political considerations, and is usually driven by context. Whereas visualisation plays a crucial role in Bioinformatics, reflected by a number of conferences and workshops in this field, design in particular is not so well investigated in bioinformatics-related research contexts.