10. Import / Manage Algorithms

This section describes how to import an external Membrane Algorithm into this application.

The algorithm you want to import needs to be wrapped into a jar-file that contains the compiled class. See "making your algorithm work" to get information about the required structure.

(The standalone version of the Membrane Editor also enables you to import uncompiled java files as membrane algorithms. Sadly, we had to deactivate this option for the webstart release due to technical reasons)

To import an algorithm, press located inside the 'Settings' menu in the menubar. The following dialog will appear:

If you have ever generated a membrane with this program, you should be familiar with this dialog. It lists all algorithms available and displays information about them:


The name of the algorithm

Microdomain Support

Indicates whether an algorithm supports microdomains or not

Overrides Lipids

Indicates whether or not all lipids have to be cleared before the algorithm starts


The type of the algorithm. "Included" means that the algorithm came with the program and that it is a fixed part of it. You cannot remove or change this in any way. ".jar" indicates that the algorithm has been imported from a jar-file. ".java" stands for an uncompiled java file


Displays the current state of the algorithm and if it is ready to be used.

It could also indicate that there are compile errors or that the referring file cannot be found or read


The last known location of the selected algorithm


Displays a detailed information text that is defined inside the algorithm class


The following options can be accessed from the bottom of the dialog:


Opens a filechooser where you can select an algorithm you want to import. Make your choice and approve in order to add it to the list of available algorithms. If there are any problems with the selected algorithm you will be informed.


Use this option to update the filepath of the selected algorithm, e.g. when the file of an entry has been moved in the meantime, or if its type has changed.


Use this option to remove the selected algorithm from the list.

Refresh table

This will recheck all external algorithms in the list and recognize eventual changes that have been made during the runtime of the dialog

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