5.6 Manage Title Section

Each proper PDB file contains a title section which contains much information about its origin, deployment, occurrence etc. The title is seperated into many sections, or fields that inherit different kinds of information.

It is the MembraneEditor's duty to generate the structure- and coordinate sections for the output file resulting from your work. Defining the title section is up to the user. This program inherits a dialog where you can just do that.

Open it by pressing the 'Edit Attributes'  item in the 'File' menu or in the toolbar

The first tab is constructed to fill in the leading row of the pdb file, including the Header, Code and Date.

All other fields of the title section can be found in their respective tabs.

Some of them even contain an option to insert some common tokens.

You can enter as many lines as you wish for each section but if you leave them they will not appear in the output file.

Entering different terms into the SOURCE field

The sections in the output file will look exactly the same as here, so
be sure to stay with the required syntax. The editor will help you as
best as possible with this.

An output file generated with the text above, for example, will look like that:

When finished, click 'Apply Changes' to make your changes take effect, or press 'Discard' to cancel.

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