8.2.2 Random Placing

This algorithm places the lipids at random positions, applying a random rotation to them.

The random algorithm in progress

The runtime is infinite, enabling you to stop as soon as you're satisfied with the density of the layers.

There are no initial options available for this algorithm but it is provided with some runtime settings.

Enable the button for manual scheduling in order to be able to toggle the
actions performed by this algorithm:

Add new lipids:
Will add new lipids periodically.

Approach Proteins:
Lipids will gravitate to the nearest protein or to the center if no protein
exists. This concentrates the lipids and leaves room for more of them

Lipids will randomly move a little in any direction

Lipids will be randomly rotated in a limited range of degrees

A membrane that results from this algorithm may look like this

Off White X Vapormax Flair