8.2 Included Algorithms


This release of the MembraneEditor already includes 6 different membrane algorithms and two additional algorithm tools.

The Linear PlacingRandom Placing, Advanced Random Placing and Exact Algorithm/Distributor can be regarded as the basic algorithms; they are all relatively simple since their procedure only focuses on the geometrics of the objects. Nevertheless, they are capable of producing appropriate results in appropriate time, and they all respect microdomains.

Another algorithm, Simulated Annealing, is a more complex one. It will get you the best results, but needs more time to finish.  

The newest algorithm, the Atom Level Minimizer, is the first Membrane Packing Algorithm that operates on an atomic level, using elements of molecular dynamics simulations.

Detailed descriptions about the algorithms can be found on the following 6 pages.

Or do you want to extend the algorithm list by importing your own algorithm? See how to write and import own algorithms.

Algorithm Tools

Algorithm Tools are not intended to create new membranes. They are just used to edit pre-computed membranes:

The IntersectionDeleter deletes all molecules which are intersecting with other molecules. This may happen for example if you reverse-parse a membrane edited or simulated in an external tool.

The MembraneShifter gives you the opportunity to change the Y-Translation/the vertical position of the whole membrane or microdomains. This may be very useful for analysis methods.