2.1 Using the GUI


The Framework

This program uses a flexible system of internal windows (uses "Infonode DockingWindows". See External Source and Packages for details) to display its components inside the main frame. That means that the window layout can be reorganized any way you want. You can, for instance, resize a window by dragging one side with the mouse. By grabbing a window at its window tab, you can move the window inside the main frame. While moving, a black rectangle marks the new position that can be assumed. The windows can also be mini- and maximized inside the main frame and can even be undocked from the main gui by clicking on the specified symbols located in the windowtab. All layout settings will be remembered at the next startup.


The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is located at the top of the frame. It inherits several menus that provide all major functions of the editor.


The Tool Bar

The Toolbar contains quick access buttons for the most important functions of the program. All those functions can also be accessed in the menubar.The Toolbar can also be placed at the bottom or at the left or right side of the frame.


The Gui Menu

This menu can be found in the menubar. It contains the following options:

Restore Layout

Allows the setting of windows in the frame to a predefined layout. Useful when your current layout gets out of order.

There are 3 different layouts to choose from:

1) Modern (default)

This is the default layout and should be best to use.

2) Widescreen

An alternative layout especially designed for HD screens

3) Cm2 Classic

This layout is more of an homage to the old MembraneEditor than it is useful. It simply places all components in different tabs

Select Theme

Here you can choose between 5 different themes for the internal windows. A theme defines only the visual appearance of the window frames and does not affect the layout in any way

Editor Appearance

Lets you choose between a dark and a bright appearance for the entire application

Show Toolbar

You can choose whether the toolbar should be hidden or not. If you hide it, then note that all functions from the toolbar can still be accessed elsewhere from the menu


Here you can lock or unlock your current layout. Windows in a locked layout cannot be moved or relocated in any way, protecting them against unintended displacements

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